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The Haunting on Rose Acres Ln.

Posted by Maryanne Porter on February 22, 2013 at 12:05 AM

The Haunting on Rose Acres Ln.

An actual account of events of an argument turned deadly and a woman's spirit wanting to be heard... 


Original crime scene photo

In February 2010, a 37-year-old woman was savagely bludgeoned to death with a flashlight by her boyfriend in their Felton home during an alcohol-fueled argument.

She died from her injuries at the hospital and the boyfriend, Richard Chavez, is currently in Santa Cruz County Jail awaiting trial for murder.   


Richard Chavez, Santa Cruz County Jail    


Fast-forward to five months after the homicide when the small one-bedroom home was re-rented to an unsuspecting couple and their small child. It wasn’t long before the couple began experiencing unusual activity in the home.

An outline of the bloody headboard is permanently stained on the exteiror of the house. SCGHPhoto

The tenants reported to S.C.G.H’s Maryanne Porter that lights turned on and off by themselves, strange tapping noises were heard, cabinets opened on their own, and the stove would turn on with no one around. They also reported a very heavy feeling of being watched as they slept. Months after the mysterious activity began, the couple claimed they unwittingly discovered the truth of what occurred in their new home. A family member Googled their home address, only to discover the newspaper articles of the grisly murder which took place in their residence.

After six months of living under mysterious circumstances, the tenants sought the help of Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters in the hopes that S.C.G.H could determine who and what is in the home. All along, the family is convinced that they are being haunted by this murdered woman.


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First investigative footage from the Rose Acres property using a "ghost box" (VIDEO DOES CONTAIN AUDIO, FOR BEST RESULTS BE SURE TO HAVE THE VOLUME UP!)

June 10, 2011

On June 10, 2011, Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters’ seasoned paranormal investigators Maryanne Porter, Sarinah Porter and first-time rookie investigator and videographer Aubrey Graves were invited back to the Felton location to conduct a second investigation in an attempt to document more paranormal activity within the home.

The team was not disappointed.

This time, Deanna Dudley made her presence known by communicating with us through the use of a flashlight, answering yes-or-no questions and illuminating the light. According to the tenant, Melissa, this is Deanna’s favorite way to correspond with her.

"During the investigation we listen to the ghost box interpreting any possible signs of communication"

Ironically, Richard Chavez is said to have used a large, heavy flashlight to strike Deanna repeatedly in the head which resulted in her death.

S.C.G.H later discovered that Chavez claimed in the media that Deanna had started the fight. He alleged that she initially grabbed the flashlight and attempted to swing it at him before he wrenched the flashlight from her grasp and ultimately fatally struck her with it during the alcohol-fueled argument.

In a unique twist, when this information was discovered, S.C.G.H asked the entity of Deanna if she did, in fact, start the fight with Richard. Each time the question was asked, there was a strong positive response. It appeared to the S.C.G.H team that apparent guilt and the desire to share what happened is likely what manifested and led to her current state of being in turmoil.

Here is what we found:

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2nd investigation (For best results turn up the volume)

It is known that both Deanna Dudley and Richard Chavez were trying to recover from alcoholism and had been in and out of recovery. That apparently did not seem to last and the couple resumed an alcoholic relationship which ultimately fueled the argument that turned deadly.

S.C.G.H is fully aware that paranormal activity can have trigger points. Interestingly enough, the tenant Melissa made an unusual discovery in her basement, which consisted of personal possessions belonging to Deanna and Richard that had been left behind. They included the barbeque pit that is seen in the crime scene photo in the first segment of this story.

                              Basement of house where some personal belongings of Deanna's still remain


There is a nearby river bed within walking distance from the residence that makes a perfect conduit for paranormal activity. There is also limestone, which is believed to be an additional instrument for such activity.

S.C.G.H also discovered that at the end of the street was a halfway house that houses individuals who suffer from various mental illnesses. One resident was murdered by his roommate, while another died from exposure after wandering away. These events happened within the past few years and both within the vicinity of the Dudley/Chavez residence.


Melissa informed S.C.G.H that the activity in the home peaked in the bedroom at approximately 8:32 p.m., which is the time law enforcement believes the fight between Deanna and Richard began. S.C.G.H began its investigation approximately after 7:00 p.m. outside the residence and resumed inside the residence. The activity in the bedroom picked up significantly after 8:00 p.m. and the K-2 meter finally went off the charts – presumably at the time the battle peaked and Deanna was mortally wounded.

Melissa informed the S.C.G.H team that Richard was most likely in the back of a police car by 9:00 p.m. and that is when the activity in her home calms down in the bedroom and moves to the living room. Melissa added that the activity would repeat in this fashion each night.


June 11th 2011

3rd Investigation

S.C.G.H teamed up with Para Rock TV’s well-known psychic and medium Nancy Bowman (Ghost Adventures, U.S.S. Hornet) and the Global Paranormal Society team (G.P.S.) to help the young tenants set the trapped spirit of Deanna Dudley free from her confinement to find the peace she so desperately deserved.


                                      Nancy Bowman, Zak Bagans, Nick Gr off, Aaron Goodwin (U.S.S Hornet) Ghost Adventures

Our third investigaton with the G.P.S. team was a successful one. With a live web broadcast and the help of Melissa, we were able to successfully communicate with Deanna Dudley and convince her to move on.

S.C.G.H would like to thank the G.P.S. team and Nancy Bowman for assisting this lost soul and the family who continues to reside in the Felton house. Melissa has reported no further disturbances from Deanna and the family is healthy and happy.

Nancy Bowman G.P.S  & Maryanne Porter S.C.G.H

To view the live broadcast go www.ustream.com  and look for the G.P.S. live and archived footage.

UPDATE:    An emotional Richard Chavez

Richard Chavez went to trial in January 2013 – three years after the brutal slaying of Deanna Dudley. The jury was given three verdict options: first-degree (premeditated) murder, second-degree murder (a killing caused by dangerous conduct), or manslaughter (a killing committed in the heat of passion). After a brief deliberation, Chavez was found guilty of second-degree murder and will serve a sentence of 15 years to life behind bars.


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written by : M. Porter SCGH

This story, its investigative content, videos & photos is the sole property of Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters a not for profit entity. S.C.G.H©2011.Thehauntingonroseacreslane.©map

edited by: Susie Dryden Fowkes / Crime J.

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