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The Carriage House

Posted by Maryanne Porter on April 8, 2013 at 7:55 PM


January 19, 2013. Eight months after S.C.G.H first investigation of the Tuttle Mansion we are once again invited by co-owners sister duo Jenifer Oliver-Wess and Kathy Oliver-Shultz to return for a second paranormal investigation, this time with extended efforts focusing on the carriage house. Upon our previous investigation the carriage house was being utilized as an apartment house, eight months later Jenifer Oliver-Wess transformed it into a lifelong dream of interesting oddities and collectibles now known as Dusty Treasures Antiques & Collectibles.

The night of the 19th S.C.G.H paranormal investigators, Rhiannon Bond, Bryan Coleman, Beth Gemeny, Timothy Lowe, Arrianna Mercado, Maryanne Porter and a new addition to the team Jay Pierre Alvarez join together with the Olivers to try and determine what ghostly entity is haunting the Tuttle Mansion.

We divided up into 2 different teams starting in the main mansion, one team on the upper floor and one down below in the bottom level. Jay Pierre Alvarez our newest team member who specializes in sound enhancement, is left alone in the carriage house while the other teams conduct the investigation in the main mansion.

Jay - Pierre utilizes a special microphone system which captures sound throughout the entire room the equipment is so sensitive he is able to hear anomalies even outside the building as if it happened right next to him. The sound is fed through a high performance microphone, which filters through an electrical enhancer and reproduced on a special soft ware program which he is visually able to monitor on his lap top for changes in noise frequencies.


While conducting the investigation inside the main mansion with each team in their specified different locations, we were able to pick up minimal activity, an occasional flashlight would illuminate after a question was asked, a word here and there on the ghost radar would appear, an occasional orb would be caught in a photograph, a k-2 meter would spike intermittently, nothing so out of the ordinary that we were able to definitively classify as actual communication or flat out declassify for that matter.

With the mansions ho-hum amount of activity on this night, we reflected on the multiple personal experiences that credible witnesses and business owners who dwell in the suits of the mansion had claimed to have experienced during different times of the day.

The testimonies of seeing a visual apparition of both an elderly man and a woman on different occasions in old period dress, hearing doors opening and slamming simultaneously only to discover no one was in the building and all the windows were shut. The Oliver’s themselves attest to sharing these experiences including the noise of a typewriter clamoring in the adjacent office’ only to investigate and find no one in the room where the antique typewriter would resume idle 'at its quiet station.

As paranormal investigators we had to reflect upon the questions we asked when we did attain a response, as well as the history of the Tuttle Family as we knew it dating back into its early occupied years of the late 1800’s. Who were the Tuttle’s, what were their routines, what was their life like, who actually died while occupying the house and how. Armed with the answers to these questions, it was safe to theorize that the mansion itself may in fact have a residual haunting as opposed to an intelligent one.

A residual haunting in the paranormal field is described as an entity or energy from a disembodied spirit, which has left its imprint upon a place or of its person, it is a spiritual entity that is not aware of the living world around it, it does not consciously interact with the living or respond to it. It is like a video recording that is replaying itself over and over again, often referred to as an echo, and can be attributed by either a life altering, traumatizing, or routine event from one’s life or upon ones death.

A residual haunting can also produce a sensory phenomenon in the living affecting the senses including, auditory, visual, and smell, making an individual aware of its presence.

It is plausible to theorize that the entities wandering the 3 stories of the Tuttle Mansion itself are residual in nature. Is Mary and Owen Tuttle’s energy imprinted within the walls of the Tuttle Mansion wandering in a reoccurring loop, opening and shutting doors, clamoring on the typewriter, walking through the halls, appearing to the selected few as a visual apparition, forlornly staring out the windows completely unaware of the living world that surrounds them, Or is there something else?

The Carriage House

After finishing sections of the investigation in the main mansion the team switched places team 2, with Rhiannon, Beth and Arrianna and members from the mansion moved their investigation to the upstairs section, while team 1 with Bryan Coleman, Timothy Lowe, Maryanne Porter and Jenifer Oliver, moved to the out building of what used to be the carriage house, now known as Dusty Treasures Antiques & Collectibles. We met with our new paranormal investigator / sound tech Jay-Pierre, who continued to remain while we conducted the next segment of our investigation.

We set up 2 k-2 meters, flashlights, ghost radars, mel meters, evp recorders and a new favorite piece of equipment called a R.E.M Pod , the R.E.M Pod unlike a K-2 meter which detects electric magnetic field , radiates a small pulse of electromagnetic field, equipped with sound preceptors and 4 light probes, this device is very sensitive to touch, anything getting within close proximity to this device will activate it in such a way that it sounds off and lights up. The R.E.M Pod is such a unique device that unless you are obviously touching it, it will not go off without something breaking its immediate field.

While in the carriage house we immediately began attaining reactions to questions via the k-2 meter and flashlights. The entity on this part of the property is believed to be that of a child, a very friendly child and one who likes to make its presence known. On our previous investigation we encountered what we believed to be a female child and have since theorized the presence of perhaps more than one child which occupies the carriage house.

On our earlier investigation the ghost radar picked up the name Johnnie, Jenifer Oliver convinced that there is an entity by the name of Johnnie conducted some additional field research on her own and in fact discovered that a 2 year 11 month old boy by the name of Johnnie Tuttle did pass away. Armed with this information S.C.G.H assisted in further research and in fact not only was able to confirm the death of little Johnnie, who is buried at the Pioneer Cemetery in Watsonville, but also the deaths of additional Tuttle children who are also buried there.

22 year old Flora Tuttle

13 year old Kilburn Tuttle

9 year old Margaret Tuttle

7 year old Irma Tuttle

        Grave of;  2 year 11 month old Johnnie Tuttle Resources: Cemetery Records @ Watsonville Historical Society, Watsonville Library microfilm.


During our investigation we believe we made contact with more than one Tuttle child, one who in particular light up our R.E.M Pod device while seemingly running towards a carousel horse located across the room in response to the question, "Do you have a favorite toy?" 

Also, during this investigation first timer, Jay-Pierre had a personal encounter of his own. While in the carriage house by himself he admitted to witnessing a small shadowy figure, he concluded was a child. Ironically he had no idea that during our prior investigation we had already deduced a child entity was in the carriage house. “Imagine his surprise” when we validated his belief.

After team 2 arrived in the carriage house with investigators Rhiannon, Beth and Arrianna all of the k-2 meters and Beth’s trifield meter began spiking off the charts, including a flash ligh simutaniously coming on across the room.

Investigator Bryan Coleman attempted to see if there was an interference or outside cause to refute the equipments erratic behavior. With the cameras no longer rolling, he sweeped the area from top to bottom however, despite having additional equipment within the vicinity, was unable to attribute this as the cause of interference to either device.

The investigation:

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We have concluded that the activity in the “Carriage House” of the Tuttle Mansion is in fact that of an intelligent haunting of a non-negative entity. Meaning the entity which resides in the carriage house is aware of itself, its surroundings and the living individuals around it. It is non-threatening in nature. This entity wants to make its presence known and will interact with the living to do so many intelligent haunting’s will let you know right away that they are present. They have the ability to play with lights, move objects, throw things across a room and have the ability to interact with the living upon request. Because their is likely more than one child in the carriage house S.C.G.H continues to research and investigate in order to unravel the true history behind the haunted Tuttle Mansion.

 Written by Maryanne Porter, S.C.G.H

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