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    Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters founded by Maryanne Porter, here in the Santa Cruz county area, is a Non-profit organization dedicated to not only researching paranormal activity but to research, learn and document historical facts of Santa Cruz county, which may be related to a specific region, residence or other. 


    The entire mission of S.C.G.H is to research Santa Cruz county from a historical perspective. Santa Cruz has tourist attractions such as the Boardwalk, Henry Cowell, the warf, cement ship, etc..

    I want to get "the otherside" of Santa Cruz history, the things forgotton about, the myths, the legends, folklore and actual forgotten facts, and if I am lucky support it with a paranormal twist. 

    Stories stemming from the Ohlone indians, to Alfred Hitchcock and the factual birds of Santa Cruz county, to Ed Kemper, The Mystery Spot and unusual historic stories such as "One Eyed Charley" and more; these stories are from a darker side, but they are a part of Santa Cruz, the unusual, the weird, the bad, the mysterious, the history....

    Given the history of Santa Cruz there tends to be a lot of potential for paranormal activity. I am curious to know how many areas there actually are. By mapping out indiviual sites,areas cemeteries, folklore, personal stories and researching the history from documented facts or individual claims. 

    Most paranormal shows on television or general investigations seem to be dedicated to random individual houses or areas throughout the U.S.

    Respectfully these concepts would not have transpired or began without shows such as Ghost Hunters, Taps and the like. However, I want to condense a primary search to a specific region "Santa Cruz County" as a whole, and by mapping these areas out through historical stories, and perhaps determine the existance of paranormal activity or infact debunk it.

    Could we rekindle one of the oldest ghostly hot spots in California and in the mean time uncover new historical facts...?  Putting an answer to the ultimate question "Is it a ghost or a ghost story?

     Ofcourse we have no problem going out of the area to do a paranormal investigation. It just wouldnt have a reflection on our primary objective.  

     We hope the community will get involved and provide us with stories of there own wheather it is somethig they grew up with, or merely folklore that they have heard. Stories or folklore that have reasonable credibility will be included in our investigations.  

     Even though we use limited equipment we have enough equipment  to obtain the proof we need. Many areas that are easily accesable are investigated multiple times so that we gather as much information as possible, to arrive at an accurate conclusion. 

     We have also been fortunate to have an occasional donation to help share our findings and improve our technology.

     I personally have partook in approximitley over 12 investgations of my own, before creating a team. Starting in late 2009, never did I think that we would come this far, but I am glad our experiences can be shared.

     I founded S.C.G.H, with my co-founder Deena Smith, who has a passion for the paranormal as well. Deena and I have known eachother for over 10 years. I guess you can say we both have a family of ghost hunters, since not only do our spouses partake in the occasional investigation, but we have family members and older children that enjoy it as well.  Each time we go,  we are learning something new, and hearing something different. Always to ask the remaining question, is it a ghost or a ghost story?     

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Booking S.C.G.H

  1. How much does S.C.G.H charge for an investigation?

    NOTHING!~ S.C.G.H is a non profit organization established by individuals who volunteer there time to research and investigate claims and historical facts. It does not cost anything to you, the client, for S.C.G.H to come out and conduct a preliminary investigation.


    We do request that we are able to put your story on our site along with any historical facts that we may find. And S. C. G. H does understand some indiviudals do not want there names, or addresses advertised all over the intranet, so we are more than willing to use discretion and conceal identities and location names upon request.  


    We do try to limit ourselves to the Santa Cruz County area, however we will make exceptions or refer you to another paranormal team if your location is to far or completley out of our realm.




    Because S.C.G.H is provides a community service we do on occasion partake in public events which assist the community. To inquire about your event you may email us direct at [email protected]

  2. Where can I send a donation to?

    Because Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters is a non-profit organization we do not recieve a pay check for what we do, and our equipment comes from our own pockets, so we are limited to what gear we can acquire.

    We do accept and appreciate donations from businesses or individuals alike. Cash donations assist us in purchasing additional equipment, gear as well as contribute for costs such as gas,travel and general costs associated with running a business.


     We also can utilize donations of equipment such as IR cameras, digital recorders, DVR systems, lap tops, thermal, night vision cameras, etc. 


    S.C.G.H is registered with the Secretary of State of California Non Profit # 11776. However, we have not established a banking account under our organizations as of yet. If you would like to make a donation to Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters please contact us direct at [email protected] for instructions and speak to founder.

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  1. Do you investigate murders?

    YES! S.C.G.H does infact investigate homicides, unsolved homicides or those whos loved ones life was stolen before there time and are reporting paranormal activity.

    1) These cases are of a sensitive nature, we at S.C.G.H can help those who feel they maybe experiencing paranormal activity  of a murdered family member. We infact research the circumstances of the case, consult mediums or psychics for additional information investigate and try and communicate with the spirit through investigative techniques.  In some cases we can assist in setting the stuck soul free or refer you to someone who can.

    Homicides, in our experience, many homicide victims may in fact not be able to get to the other side, they become stuck, do to the sudden unnatural cause of death, they tend to stay around the family or place they were familiar with trying to get someones attention. This could be by moving objects, things unnaturally falling, lights coming off and on, noticing the same number appearing, apparitions, hearing the loved ones voice, anything they can do to attain your attention and let you know they are still here. Some individuals notice the unusual activity others, some may think their crazy...guess what...your not!

    In these situations we can assist, and give a better understanding of what is going on. Many souls feel great guilt, something unsaid, and the family may feel the same guilt as well. Having a better understanding and some form of closure can help a soul move on and find peace where they need to be. The spirit no longer belongs in this world and needs help.

    3) Unsolved homicides/ Cold Cases, on occasion we find a cold case that calls to us, we do research and investigate these in order to put the pieces together to try and help resolve what happend. Using research and mediums / psychics we can get a better understanding of those missing puzzle pieces.

    S.C.G.H is here to assist both the living and the deceased.

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