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Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters  has over 25 volunteer psychics from all around the world who remotley assist us on many of our cases via photograph readings.

How does it work?

We have a specially designed private site, specifically for the psychic team, S.C.G.H paranormal investigators will post a photograph of a potentially haunted location, case, homicide, cold case, recent deaths or what ever the current case maybe. The S.C.G.H investigator will know the history of the case and the psychics will attempt to tune into the picture and events that may have transpired or feelings that they try and interpret.

 We have had much success utilizing this technique, which assists us in many of our cases giving us a new avenue to research areas that  we might have otherwise not have known about. This technique has also been succesful in private cases in which a person may have lost a loved one, through utilizing this technique we are able to provide some answers or sense of closure.

Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters works with some very well known psychic mediums such as :


Monnica Sepulveda  

Monnica is a Santa Cruz local, who is featured on 104.3 The Hippo FM radio where she conducts psychic readings for the public, she has also been on such television shows as Leeza Gibbons, Maury Povich and Talk Soup. She has assisted S.C.G.H on such cases as the Unsolved Murder of Deborah Lee Shelton http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWdHUIPii4I as well as, accompanied the Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters team to conduct a paranormal investigation at the Rispin Mansion.


Monnica does offer her services to the public, to learn more about Monnica please visit her website at the link below.



Harvey Althaus  

Harvey is a native of San Francisco who has been helping individuals with their paranormal needs, for over 40 years.

"I remember when I was maybe 5 years old I had an unexplainable experience that in due course would leave a very deep and profound impression on me that is still with me to this day!

I was around 8 years of age when I discovered that I knew about things that were going to happen before they did. I also saw and heard things that no one else did and it was a very frustrating period in my life because I was so scared all of the time and didn't have anyone to turn to for comfort not even my parents. It took a while but I finally realized I couldn't go to my mother to help me. It got to a point where I had to suck it up and bare what was happening to me without complaint because my parents didn't want to hear about it. .Time passes.........


Through the years I have developed into what is called a "Clairvoyant Intuitive" which means I can see and experience things which are not physically apparent. I actually have many abilities but I have come to specialize in two of them. I can sense medical issues and have the ability to balance energy in the afflicted areas that promotes healing and mostly pain relief. The other ability is "Remote Viewing". You can check out my blog on my website to find out more about it.

A unique aspect about my style of reading is that I never have my client ask a question prior their reading. I feel in this way my connection to their energy is pure and not tainted.

Over the years I have come to realize that my style of readings proves to be very beneficial to my clients by guiding them through, at times, difficult life issues.

Everyone has "blocks" along our life path wouldn't it be much easier if we could have even a little insight as to what they are so we could try to change or correct them?"


NOTE: Harvey has volunteered his time to assist S.C.G.H via remote viewing as part of the S.C.G.H Psychic Team, using his gifts Harvey dedicates his time to help those in spiritual need.  Harvey has been featured on such television shows such as  the Bio Channels; "My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera". To learn more about Harvey Althaus or request a reading please visit his website at http://harveyalthausintuitive.webs.com/



Lorna  Bailey 

Another participant of the S.C.G.H psychic team is psychic medium Lorna Bailey a native of Texas. Lorna shares her story, "My first memories of experiencing the paranormal are at the age of three years old. I would see the figures of a man and a woman standing in my doorway at night. I thought they were my parents until I waved to them, they waved back, then faded away. It's hard to say what was normal childhood imagination and what was my gift. I didn't know any difference until later in life. I learned I could receive messages from the otherside when I moved my three children and I into an apartment that apparently already had a tenant. An unseen tenant. Thoughts would come to mind that wouldn't go away so I started asking neighbors questions. This is when I learned about my 'house guest' and that she passed in my apartment. I discovered that my neighbors knew these 'messages' I had and validated I was speaking directly to the lady who passed away in my apartment. I was around 29 yrs old. I have since then grown in my abilities and I have been able to help many people with my readings. To me...that's what my gift is all about. Helping others. No matter which side of the Veil they call their home."  [email protected]