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S.C.G.H is a family owned and operated paranormal & historical team which opened has their doors  to accommodate Santa Cruz locals who have a passion for the paranormal! We have incorporated a team of on call investigators from all walks of Santa Cruz.

 S.C.G.H is proud to have such a strong unique team with backgrounds stemming from from law enforcement, military veterans, crime journalist, librarian, musician, historian,  just to name a few...each individual possesses a unique talent and paranormal experiences of their very own .... 




Paranormal Investigator / Records Researcher

Born and raised in Santa Cruz. I've heard most, if not all the 'haunted tales of Santa Cruz'. My interest in the paranormal began as a child after a personal experience. Currently, I'm back in college studying Computer Applications and Business Tech. With S.C.G.H since 2011



Paranormal Investigator / Crime Research

I'm a retired Police and Corrections Officer. I've been a lifelong believer and follower of the paranormal. Many life experiences with family members, animals, work, and friends. My first true ghost hunt was with Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters at Mt. Madonna Inn. Other wise I'm finally doing something that I've wanted to do for years. I'm living the dream! With S.C.G.H since 2011



Paranormal Investigator / Base line readings &  cleansing

Currently employed at Hewlett-Packard in I.T., I have spent the last two decades in the computer industry. Prior to I.T., I worked 10 years in customer support for Unix network software. What was interesting with that position was that for many software issues it was necessary to recreate the problem. This approach has proven most valuable to investigations of a paranormal nature.

In 2003, my son and I started a hobby of ghostly adventures in local graveyards. After sharing my experiences with others, I was approached to investigate homes of friends and of their friends to learn the cause of perceived paranormal activity. From the graveyards, we learned to approach odd sights and recreate noises which lent it self well to investigations with home owners. With S.C.G.H since 2012



S.C.G.H Editor / Paranormal Researcher

A Santa Cruz native and graduate of Aptos High School, Susie Dryden Fowkes works as a journalist covering crime news in the Bay Area. A long-time fascination with the paranormal and an old friendship with S.C.G.H. founder Maryanne Porter led her to joining the S.C.G.H. team as editor of some of the haunting stories you read about here. In her spare time, she enjoys hikes with her husband and dog, jazz singing, and watching lots of ghost hunting shows on TV.

With S.C.G.H since 2011.




Jay Pierre Alvarez

Sound / Podcast Producer

Professional Spanish guitarist by trade, Jay Pierre has a few stories to tell of his own child-hood paranormal experiences- which led him to S.C.G.H. Jay Pierre produces sound tracks for Pod Cast broadcasting of our latest and greatest adventures, for your listening pleasure. 

With S.C.G.H since 2013


Sensitive / Paranormal Historical Researcher

Volunteer researcher/preservationist for Evergreen Cemetery with, ( as described by her Evergreen workmates ), ?A sixth sense for locating headstones, information, and history.?   Grew up around cemeteries, deputy coroners, morticians, mortuaries, and recently learned to have a talent for Psychometry. With S.C.G.H 2013.


 The family duo...




 Lead Jr. Investigator & paranormal research assistant

Arrianna ....

The bookworm....

Arrianna daughter of S.C.G.H founder. Is the lead junior investigator for S.C.G.H, she is responsible for junior members and will have more roles for the junior investigators in the future. Arrianna is a natural born story writer and researcher, who plays a key role to S.C.G.H assisting in the haunted research of Santa Cruz county. Arrianna's efforts to assist the team does not go unnoticed and her fascination for the paranormal guides her drive for the unknown.

Arrianna's most memorable experience was at Boulder Creek Cemetery; " I recall laying on a cement grave-site just to relax it was a long night, and as I tried to get up I immediate felt this pressure on my stomach if something was trying to hold me down, I had a hard time getting up and immediately felt overwhelming fear, so much so,  I began to cry. I recollect the air feeling very cold, it was one experience I do not like to recall. "





The Founder....

Lead Paranormal Investigator / Historical Researcher 

Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters, founder, Maryanne Porter, has always had a fascination with the paranormal since childhood. "I recall when I was young, maybe  6 years of age, seeing shadows and faces in the home I grew up in. Some nights I was so afraid I would actually wet the bed for fear of running into them on my way to the rest room., most nights I recall sleeping with the covers over my head. As I grew older my interest in the paranormal only increased, however moving from house to house the shadows that I once saw oh so often, seemed to no longer become as apparent and soon became nothing but a distant memory."

"Going to college I took a deep interest in criminal justice, the study of criminal behavior, investigation, psychology, human behavior a kind of good v.s. evil. I was also raised very roman catholic. I suppose all the stories growing up, sitting in church every Sunday, only reinforced my interests into the after life....

I also have a passion for history, learning what hidden answers lie in our past, as a result research and investigation have always been exciting to me, like a treasure chest of discovery...which again has led to my interest in seeking information to many of our historic sites and by doing so, I also may find a clue into the paranormal, life after death, the ultimate question?

Unfortunately it wasn't until after the death of my beloved father, that I began my quest into the paranormal, not to look for him, I know he is with god, but to look into what else is out there, were the ghost shows on tv, just a  show? I started S.C.G.H with my good friend and co-founder Deena Smith, who went on many adventures with me, unfortunately  Deena has had to leave S.C.G.H for reasons of her own, yet their is always a spot here for her..... 

And the adventures  go on, with the support and interest of my loved ones, we have a whole family of ghost hunters, all wanting to know the answer to the same question..."Is it a ghost or a ghost story?"


So here begin our adventures to discover, is it a ghost or a ghost story?  






 'were coming to get you rachel'



S.C.G.H new tour car for Santa Cruz Haunted Tours and our very own ghost busting mean machine....

Rachel is a 1988 Buick La Sabre Hearse, originally owned and operated in the state of New York, Rachel was an active transport delivering hundreds if not thousands of decedants to there final place of rest. Rachel was retired from duty in the late 1990's and made her way to the Nevada area, at some point she was used as a commercial vehicle transporting boogie boards and aquatic equipment for a local business. Once again she was resold and made her way to Sacramento, California where a young wiccan (witch) purchased her, before she made her way to Santa Cruz in the hands of Ghost Hunters.

Rachel has been under construction since January by S.C.G.H family members, she was equipped with funeral rollers and the overwhelming smell of imbalming chemicals eminated from her well aged carpets. Since construction her innards have been gutted, floors re-welded, leather seats installed and new carpeting has turned this former transport of the dead, into one now meant to transport the living.....take a ride on the otherside when Rachel becomes available to the public through Santa Cruz Haunted Tours!!!